We are having auditions for our new short film, “The Waiting Room” on Saturday, March 8 and Sunday, March 9. If you or anyone you think that would like to audition, please message us using the form at the bottom and let us know what time you are coming. Thanks!


Where: 4401 Coyle St Houston, TX 77023
When: Sat. March 8 & Sun. March 9 at 11a – 5p


“The Waiting Room” synopsis:

William doesn’t like doctor’s appointments and he likes waiting rooms even less. He arrives early to get his appointment over with and finds that being early isn’t always rewarding. He meets a strange old man, encounters even stranger people, and discovers a window in the room that everyone is drawn to- including himself.




William is having a difficult time with his wife’s passing and has a pessimistic outlook about the future. His job is to euthanize animals at the county animal shelter where he’s become desensitized to his work and life. He once dreamed of becoming a vet.


OLD MAN- JIM [MALE] [AGE: 55-65]

Jim, for the most part, has been happily married for many years to his wife Betty. He has an optimistic outlook on life and has always made the best out of the tough moments in his life. He’s a wise and charismatic old man and can spark up a conversation with just about anyone.



The waiting room receptionist is a bit grim and authoritative. She might rub people the wrong way sometimes but she keeps the waiting room running like a well oiled machine and makes sure everyone sees the doctor in an orderly fashion.



Dolores is a single mother who works very hard to give her son a quality life. She would do anything for her son.



Danny is a very well behaved kid. He takes his toys everywhere his mom takes him, and loses himself in his own imagination. He’s a patient in the waiting room. This character has NO DIALOGUE.


THOMAS [MALE] [AGE: 30-40]

Thomas has a slight anxiety disorder. He lives alone with his mother. He’s a patient in the waiting room.


LUCAS [MALE] [AGE: 15-18]

Lucas is a bit of a loner and keeps to himself. He skips school a lot and listens to Rock/Grunge music. He’s a patient in the waiting room. This character has NO DIALOGUE.


MR. NAKATA [MALE] [AGE: 25-45]

Mr. Nakata travels all over the world as a salesman for a pharmaceutical company. He’s a patient in the waiting room because he took too many pills of the medicine he sells. This character has NO DIALOGUE.


CARL [MALE] [AGE: 40-45]

Carl is in charge of the Arlen County Animal Shelter where William works. He’s laid back and has always been good friends with William. He’s noticed a change in him and has been a bit distant to give him time and space because of William’s wife’s passing.



Raymond works at the Arlen County Animal Shelter. He really doesn’t have a job title, he just does what he’s asked to do. From showering the animals to cleaning and mopping floors. Raymond is a good guy and everyone seems to like working with him because he’s always in a good mood.


GEORGE [MALE] [AGE: 50-70]

George is the gate keeper at the Arlen County landfill. He checks in cars and trucks that are coming in to dispose of their contents.


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